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Wadee, from central Thailand, is a classic Thai chef and also has some excellent dishes from the northeastern part of Thailand on the menu.

Good appetite.

Imagine coming back to Anaconda Lodge with an empty stomach after a long day of exciting treks through the Amazon rainforest or after an extensive city stroll – or you want to spend a relaxing day in your bungalow and by the pool while enjoying something delicious.
Our Thai restaurant has just the thing for you: a tasty, healthy meal prepared just for you!

Our Restaurant

Here you can find our menu with delicious dishes you could try.


Phrik King Muu
Pork in ginger sauce

Phad Graphrau Muu
Pork in basil seasoning sauce

Phad Muu Priau Waan
Pan fried sweet and sour pork

Khai Dschiau Muu Sap
Pork mince with scrambled eggs

Lab Muu Isaan
Minced pork in spicy salad from Northeast Thailand Isaan

Gääng Phet Muu
Spicy curry pork with coconut milk

Spicy Thai spaghetti with pork

Phad Thai Muu
Fried noodles with pork wrapped in scrambled eggs


Phad Phrik King Gai
Chicken stir fried with ginger, garlic and chilies

Phad Graphrau Gai
Chicken in basil seasoning sauce

Lab Isaan-Gai
Minced chicken in spicy salad from the Isaan region of Northeast Thailand

Gääng Phed Gai
Spicy curry chicken in coconut milk


Yam Plaa Tuna
Spicy tuna salad

Gääng Plaa Phed
Spicy curry tuna with coconut milk

Gääng Dschudschi
Fish curry with coconut milk


Khaau Tom Khai
Mild rice soup with chicken

Khaau Tom Muu
Rice soup with pork

Tom Yam Gai
Soup with chicken, sour and spicy

Tom Khaa
Sour and spicy chicken soup with coconut milk and ginger

Vegetarian dishes

Som Tam
Green papaya salad with peanuts

Phad Phak Luam
Mixed vegetables stir fried

Khaau Phad Khai
Fried rice with egg and vegetables


Tropical fruit salad

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